If you’ve only recently discovered the joy of walking for pleasure, you may not be familiar with the best walks near Northallerton. The area around this North Yorkshire town is particularly blessed with stunning scenery for both the more intense hike and the gentle amble. There are also popular and welcoming pubs for walkers, where you can enjoy freshly prepared food and a bevvie or two – even dry your socks by the fire! There are plenty of routes to enjoy in and around Northallerton, and these five websites grade the routes by length and difficulty. Follow the links in the headings to find out more.

North Yorkshire County Council – North Yorkshire Walks

You might be surprised to learn that NYCC have a website section dedicated to walks in the region, but they have gone even further by giving details of cycling routes and horse rides, plus the health benefits of these pursuits. There are two circular walks of interest: the five-mile long Northallerton and Dibdale Circular, and the Thornton-le-Moor to Northallerton Circular, which is half a mile longer but somewhat easier.

Casual Ramblers

Not everyone has the time or inclination to wander through the countryside, which is just one reason the Casual Ramblers’ site is worth visiting. While they do list some appealing country walks near Northallerton, such as the Brompton Circular, they also include some short walks around the town itself. These might be perfect for initiating a healthy lunch-hour habit.

Northallerton Striders

If you’re not confident reading OS maps, or you’d prefer having someone along who knows the terrain, why not join the Northallerton Striders? They offer guided walks in the area up to five miles. You won’t be climbing mountains or trekking over hazardous terrain; you’ll simply enjoy easy to moderate rambles through beautiful countryside. The group often travel to the starting points by bus, which is both convenient for those without a car and eco-friendly!

Northallerton Strollers

As you can probably guess, this site is for those people who aren’t in the peak of physical fitness. The group was set up as part of the Walking for Health initiative, and although anyone is welcome to join, they particularly target people who:

  • have health conditions where exercise is recommended, such as osteoporosis and depression
  • lead sedentary lives
  • have recently recovered from an injury or illness
  • don’t feel fit enough to join a regular walking group

Their Tuesday walks last about an hour, but some have 30-minute options if you need to start gently. The routes are on the flat, with no stiles to scramble over. Friday walks are 90 minutes long and are slightly more challenging. If you’re motivated to start walking but feel unsure about whether you could cope, this website is the place to start..

Ramblers Association

Wait a minute! The Ramblers Association are serious hikers – why are they included in a blog about walks near Northallerton that are easy? Actually, the Northallerton Ramblers list a wide selection of routes, including the easy, five-mile Kilburn Pub Walk. (Sounds appealing!) Even some of the longer walks are all on the flat, so you may wish to attempt one of those too.

Whatever your fitness level, walking is great for you physically and mentally. Whether you start by ambling around Northallerton itself, or strap on your boots and go off into the surrounding countryside, remember to reward yourself afterwards with a lovely bite to eat and a pint at one of the pubs for walkers in Northallerton.